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Kata - Single Person Forms

Single-person forms are the core of Shorinjiryu, as they have been from the beginning of Oriental martial arts.  Single person forms are done for speed, perfection of form, balance, timing, and from a beginner's viewpoint, are a fun way to practice techniques so they become reflex.

Kumite - Multiple-Person Forms

Multiple-person forms provide practice in targeting, timing, escaping, and executing workable combinations in a more free-flowing environment.  While the routines are choreographed, timing, distancing, and a host of other variables are not, making it a fun, fast, and exciting training tool.

Goshinjitsu - Self Defense Techniques

Individual self defense techniques incorporate strikes, throws, joint locks and breaks, chokes, and give the student a direct perspective on specific defensives.  Self defense does not stand alone in Shorinjiryu; you cannot extract it and claim you have a complete self defense system.  Instead, self defense techniques are but one part of the system of Shorinjiryu.

Buki Ho - Weapons

Weapons, whether traditional (sai) or more practical in this day and age (jo) are studied in Shorinjiryu.  Traditional weapons connect us to our history while the more current ones provide another tool for our self defense tool-kits.

Shiai - Free Sparring

Shorinjiryu Shiai, or free sparring, uses body armor that allows students to strike with maximum speed and power without the risk of injuring their partner.  Shiai tests skills against a live person and is the closest one can safely get to a real fight.