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Universal Bye Chart
The Universal Bye Chart gives the required number of "byes" for any number of Shiai competitors to ensure that there is never a three-way contest for first place.

Shiai Sheet
The Shiai Sheet gives a scoring sheet for use in Shiai competitions and captures all the information needed to run the competition and document the results.

Kata Sheet
The Kata Sheet is a kata competition scoring sheet that provides a complete tool for running a kata competion.  It captures all information, provides a formula for eliminating ties, and documents all facts.

Rules and Regulations
The Kyokai rules are a standard set of tournament rules designed to give a safe, fun, and efficiently run tournament.  

Tournament hand signals
Judges and referees must use a consistent set of hand signals in the noisy environment of a tournament. The Kyokai's recommended hand signals provide a clear and unambiguous system for communicating between judges, head judges, and the scorekeepers in a hectic and noisy environment.